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2015 camouflage automatic pop up hiden invisible Watching bird photography shooting hunting fishing shower outdoor camping tent

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Fabric: 190T disi cloth Caulking PU waterproof 2000mm



1, Peng body covered with leaves silent high simulation 3D camouflage, camouflage effect is excellent, and almost no sound when the wind does not disturb the birds;

2, with windows on three sides, the next two windows per side, a total of six windows, easy-round bird watching and excellent breathability;

3, in order to achieve the best ventilation, specific system network screen door, around the tent are airy and breathable in the canopy opened a window, even in summer do not feel hot in the tent;

4, with detachable account at the end (with a zipper fixed), which can meet different shooting environments (jungle can be pest control anti-snake);

5, every window comes with camouflage mesh, mesh screens with a zipper at the bottom of a fixed (non-velcro), mesh screens sound when the switch is small, easy to disturb the bird;

6, surrounded by thick rims keel, easy to collapse, stable good account a large space;

7, tripod support legs can be part of a low window stuck off-balance, maximizing space savings account;

8 hand disposable, easy payments;

9, with camouflage outer bag, easy to carry.



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