3000g Filling ! Ultra-light outdoor duck down…

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Color: Red,Blue,Black,Green,Orange


S: 195*78*48cm ( suitable for height 170cm less )

M: 210*80*50cm ( suitable for height 170cm-180cm)

L: 220*85*55cm ( suitable for height 180cm-190cm)

( With cap size,customized upon request )

Fabric: 400T ultralight waterproof nylon

Lining: 380T comfortable close skin spring and spinning

Filling: 90% white duck down fill ( bulkiness 700 + ) )

Filling quantity : Reference temperature scale:

400g filling, G.w:900g 12C~17C~22C

600g filling, G.w:1100g 7C~12C~17C

800g filling, G.w:1300g 2C~7C~12C

1000g filling, G.w:1500g -3C~2C~7C

1200g filling, G.w:1700g -8C~-3C~2C

1500g filling, G.w:2000g -13C~-8C~-3C

1800g filling, G.w:2300g -18C~-13C~-8C

2000g filling, G.w:2500g -23C~-18C~-13C

2200g filling, G.w:2700g -28C~-23C~-18C

2500g filling, G.w:3000g -33C~-28C~-23C

2800g filling, G.w:3300g -38C~-33C~-28C

3000g filling, G.w:3500g -43C~-38C~-33C

( Sleeping bag products, comfortable temperature varies and is affected by many other factors )

Product Features: mummy-style


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