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APG newest outdoor kerosene stove burners and portable oil&gas multi fuel stoves

Gasoline stove advantages:

1.Preheating equipment, absorbing oil equipment, anti-spill equipment, Chinese invention patent to assure your safety when using it.
2.Powerful heat: it only take 3 minutes to boil 1L water when there is no wind while takes 4 minutes under the condition with wind.
3.Free maintenance tool, O type ring, air nozzle, inflating rubber valve, cloth bag as the gift, you can take care of the product by yourself.
4.No matter the fuel bottle is upright or inverted, the flame will be in the same burning condition and will not go out.
5.Both oil and butane gas can be used as your choices.
Gasoline stove features:
1.Brand: APG
2.Ignition Method: lighter, match or others methods
3.Material: stainless steel, aluminium alloy
4.Unfolding upper part size:diameter 189*height 90mm
5.Folding size:diameter 90*height 90mm
6.Gasoline power:2.85kw
7.Propane power:2.05kw
8.Capacity of the fuel bottle:530ML
9.Utility time:450ML oil can continuously burning with big fire for 2.5 hours.
10.Weight:310g(stove body and pump)+110g(fuel bottle)
11.Fuel:gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, alcohol, butane gas and so on.
12.Unit parts: Fuel bottle, burner, inflating pump, maintenance tools, cloth bag, complimentary hardware.
13.Package: cloth bag+gift box+carton box

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