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Chinese High Performance-price Ratio Product

As a seller of sleeping bags,I need to do objective comment with my product,because it is serious thing ( can be related to human safty ), especially comes to the benifit of outdoor fonders, as me too,is one of them and I consider them to be my dear friend.

Fist of all,Blackice is a china made product,and their slogan is:By backpacker,for backpacker. And they really achieve something.Now they have proved themself to be one of the most popular down product supplier.Blackice goose down pants win the prize of 2015 Outside Gear of The Year in china.

I would like to do the comment by real experience of our ‘tour pal'( chinese way to call backpacker ).

Case 1

Place :Dawagenzha mountain Si Chuan Province China


Time:7th Dec 2014

Teperature:Under -15C ( 5F )

Model used:Blackice B1000 -17C ~ -12C ~ -5C ( 1.4F ~ 10.4F ~ 23F )

Feel:Used it in teperature -10C ~ -15C,for people normally feel cold condition,this sleeping bag keeps him warm all night.Only feels a little cold in back,and it’s due to wrong sleeping pad,suggest people go to high altitude camp use air mattresses instead of normal pad.Or uses sleeping bags which has down upside and cotton downside design.Like high rock series.No sign of down drill out.Temperatue is no problem,weight is little high,suggest people want light sleeping bag use blackice G series goose down sleeping bag if they don’t care about a little higher price.


Case 2

Place :HaiTuo Mountain Bei Jing China



Teperature:under -30C ( -22F ) ~ -18C ( -0.4F )

Model used:Blackice B1500 -30C ~ -22C ~ -15C ( -22F ~ -7.6F ~ 5F )

Feel:Arrived to campsie at 2am in the morning,temperature already below -30C,out of measuring range of temp meter.Sneaked into bag before put some fleece and permeable underwear.Wakeup in 9am,temperrature -18C. Only some small ice around head position of sleeping bag,that means sleeping bag’s breathability is fine.Some small ice in picture is from clothes when he put them on.Comfortable durning night,not cold not stuffy.Could feel better if he changes his tent.

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