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Baby note:

BRS-12 integrated oil field

Fuel: 97# 93# gasoline or white gasoline
This product for the United States Army designated production, the use of advanced design technology in the world, with the national design patent

Characteristics: integration design, split furnace has the advantages of absorption, reducing the link technology, use more stable performance, maintenance more convenient.
Change the split oil use after disassembly, easy to stain packaging and other shortcomings, the use of more simple and convenient.
In the fierce fire, can meet the requirements of people to use. Use a wide range (individual to survive in the wild, outdoor recreation, fishing, car owners, temporary place), easy to carry and convenient source of fuel, affordable.

Furnace weight: 565 grams (565 grams for our actual weighing, the original box packaging weighs 510 grams)

Add packing bag and box weight 770 grams

Product parameters:

Size: x11CM (high) 17CM (wide)

Body size: 450ML

Fuel consumption: 153 g / h

Power: 1820kcal

Features: strong firepower, the use of a wide range (individual field survival, outdoor recreation, fishing and other places when),

Easy to carry, convenient fuel source, the overall structure of safety and durability, etc.!

Baby show:


1 close the valve and tighten the oil cap, with a pumping rod into the gas tank pressure until you can feel the pressure, do not over.

2 counter clockwise to turn the valve stem to open the valve, so that the jet nozzle to spray a small amount of fuel immediately after closing the valve.

3 to ignite the combustion chamber with an open flame for heating (about 30 seconds).

4 when the combustion chamber to hear the "sound" of the sound, slowly open the valve to adjust to the needs of the fire.

5 after use to close the valve, fire slowly after direct blow out the embers, to keep clean stoves.

Matters needing attention:

1 please come on outside.

2 refueling, away from the fire source more than 5 meters.

3 it is strictly prohibited to loosen the oil cap when the furnace body is burning or flame is not put out.

The 4 gas furnace must be placed horizontally, to prevent oil leakage.

5 recommended to use more than 93 clean gasoline.

6 do not use in the sun exposure or other high temperature environment.

7 if there is a leakage phenomenon, please stop using it immediately.

8 this product can not be used as heating equipment!

Warning!!! :

Add fuel or disassemble the valve must be closed before the fire, to be carried out after the fire can be carried out.

Do not use flammable and explosive materials in the process of near the stove.

With the use of the windshield, the distance from the flame of the fire board shall not be less than 25CM, so as to avoid overheating tank.

This product is not placed in a closed environment.


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