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gas/oil Multi-Use Stove BRS-8B

gas stove oil stove BRS stove


Brand: BRS

Type: BRS-8B

Net Weight: 536g

Fuel: Gasoline,Butagas

Capacity: 450ml

Pump material: Aluminum alloy and copper alloy

Manner of Packing: Cloth bag,Carton Box


1.Copper alloy with high temperature stainless stell,unique design of the preheating device causes the better preheating effect.

2.Strong firepower,boil 1L water only takes 3.5 minutes(change with climate.Fuel,etc,accordingly).

3.Inside of the pump is equipped with wear-resistant device,make the cup leather in the pump more durable and large gas supply.

4.Using polymer crystals with copper nozzle absorb oil device make the filter mor thoroughly.Effevtively prevent the nozzle clogging.

5.Oil bottle made by the unique craft technology,safe and durable.

6.It can bearing 80kg of vertical pressure.

7.Multi-function tools made the installation and maintenance freely.

8.Axis of rotation of adjustable taper design,make sure use it safe and not leak.

9.Effcient preheat tube design,preheating take less time.Burn more fully,can meet the high altitude environment.

10.Rotary connection technology,greatly improving the use life,maintenance mor convenient.

11.Prevent the bracket loose design,use it more smooth and flexible.



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